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Standardised cleanliness and comfort for all East Africans.


We sell the best standardised, plug-and-play onsite wastewater management products in East Africa. Our solutions are developed by combining our market knowledge and strong partnerships with innovative global manufacturers. We deliver products that unlock real estate value, stabilise rental revenues, and offer savings no matter the site conditions or remoteness of our clients’ properties. We are a compassionate, legacy-driven, family-owned company that insists on staff excellence and wellbeing.

Daiki Axis

About our Partners

Usafi Comfort is the exclusive distributor of the Daiki Axis manufactured Johkasou in East Africa. Since developing the light and durable FRP (fiber reinforced Plastic) Johkasou, Daiki has led Japan’s water treatment industry and continues to create many “industry firsts”. Having spent half a century focusing on water and people’s lives, Daiki’s goal is to continue working toward becoming a company that provides greater support to humans and the natural environment.