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Understanding Decentralized Wastewater Treatment

The most commonly used method of wastewater management in urban areas is known as the centralized model. This is where domestic and industrial wastewater is transported from various buildings via sewer lines and deposited at a central collection facility for treatment at a municipal level. Rapid urbanization and poor maintenance has shown us the flaws in this system with many areas suffering from frequent sewer flooding, blockages and pollution of water sources due to an overwhelmed system. Over the years,…

Building a Green Future: Exploring the EDGE Standard

As one arm of Kenya’s Big 4 agenda, the provision of affordable housing is currently being implemented through large scale projects in urban and peri-urban areas in the country. Through the efforts of green advocates like KGBS, a decree was passed by the Kenya State Department of Housing & Urban Development that all buildings under this scheme would be constructed as Green Certified Buildings. The certification would be issued using the international ‘EDGE’ Green Building standard developed by the IFC,…