Rains are here, dear Karen residents

Dear Karen Resident,

The rains are here, and it reminds me of what happens in Karen during this season:

*Frustration*, *Embarrassment* and mounting *Expenses* from flooding septic tanks that need to be emptied frequently as the black cotton soil becomes saturated and waterlogged.

To save on high fees related to containing the issue and even for convenience, many Karen residents resort to pumping raw sewage into the roadside storm water drainage.

Being residents ourselves, we undertook a worldwide search for a solution to this frustrating and often embarrassing problem.

To be in a beautiful neighborhood, often surrounded by serene gardens and yet to have such a problem with sewage is a quality of life issue — not to mention its health risks!

We are happy to share the news that we found, and have available, a *permanent and reliable solution!*

Finally, you can enjoy *peace of mind*with a precisely engineered, plug-and-play Japanese SEWAGE treatment installation.

Take the *guesswork*and *frustration* out of your sewage management. Get an out-of-sight & out-of-mind sewage system.

With the Usafi Comfort system, sewage is treated to such a high degree that it is not only legal to discharge the treated water into the storm water drainage… when the dry season returns you will reuse the treated water to keep your gardens green and do dust control.

We currently have a *Kshs 50,000/-**discount* if you bring a friend with the same issue.

We are able to offer this discount because of savings we get when we aggregate shipments so please spread the good news. …Sharing is caring!

Call us for your permanent solution to sewage nuisance.  0705 384 738


Happy rains!

June A.K

Usafi Comfort






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