Can the recycled water be stored and for how long?

Yes. The recycled water can be stored and used for non-portable use e.g. irrigation, dust control, firefighting, toilet flushing etc.

The water can be stored for up to 3 days. Because the water is high in nutrients storing it for longer can promote growth of algae.

How do you determine the size of the Johkasou I need?

The size of Johkasou you need is determined by the amount (liters) of wastewater generated per day. We determine this with a series of questions and a site visit where we collect all the necessary parameters of your property/project.

Can it be installed inside my septic tank?

It is possible to install the Johkasou inside a septic tank however this will depend on a number of factors including the information we collect at the site.

Does the Johkasou air blower operate constantly?

Yes. Air blower operation is independent of hydraulic flow. Please refer to the BAE type specification table for electrical consumption in the product profile.

What is the capacity of your largest commercial treatment system?

Our Johkasou systems can treat up to 2 million liters per day of wastewater.

What if there is a power outage?

The Johkasou has only one durable, energy efficient electric component. For our smaller models, the Johkasou uses the same amount of power as a single light bulb. The Johkasou can function for up to 72 hour without electricity. For areas where electricity would still be a concern, another option would be to add a solar panel for a more consistent power source.

Does my system need servicing?

Yes. Your Johkasou system is designed to require minimum service, although regular inspection and service is necessary. Usafi Comfort will take care of all your maintenance needs according to our annual maintenance agreement.

Does my system need to be pumped out?

Yes, sludge must be removed from your system periodically depending on use (such as 2-4 years). This is included in our annual maintenance agreement.

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